• Tel: 888-300-1709
  • Tel: 888-300-1709.

What is Deregulation?

In many states customers may choose their Energy Supplier.  So when you choose National Choice Energy you simply select the rate plan that works for you, enroll, we purchase the energy for you, deliver the energy to your local utility company and they in return deliver the energy to your home and/or business.


National Choice Energy is the natural choice for serving your home and or business as we provide both fixed and variable rate plans to accommodate your needs.  No longer do you have only one option, the utilities tariff rate.  National Choice Energy works in conjunction with your local utility company to ensure your energy is delivered and billed to you in accordance with the plan you choose.


This is much like having the choice of Long Distance Carriers.  You pick the entity who provides the service or commodity and the local utility facilitates the delivery of the product to your home or business.