• Tel: 888-300-1709
  • Tel: 888-300-1709.


Will the Utility Still Deliver My Energy?

Yes.  Your local utility company will still deliver your energy in the same reliable manner over the same pipes and wires.


Why Should I Choose a Supplier?

Choosing a supplier allows you to select the plan that works for you.  National Choice Energy is the natural choice for all your home and business energy needs.  We provide both fixed and variable rate plans with green options.


Will I Receive Two Bills?

No.  You will still receive the bill from your local utility company as always.  The difference will be in the supply portion of the bill where you will see National Choice Energy’s supply charges.


Do I Call National Choice Energy in the Event of an Emergency?

No.  You will still contact your local utility company.  National Choice Energy is a supplier in the Energy Choice Program.  The utility still handles all the emergency related issues with the service.


Home Much Does it Cost to Switch?

There is no fee for enrollment with National Choice Energy.  You simply select the rate plan and enroll.


How Do I Enroll With National Choice Energy?

Simply contact us at (888)300-1709 we will walk you through the process. Or click here